Couples Psychotherapy

Relationships require nurturance and focused attention to remain healthy and
to grow deeper and stronger. Relationships are vulnerable to being harmed or
breaking when anger, hurt and resentments are built up and are not communicated.
They can also grow apart from differences which are not addressed, and/or lack of time and commitment to the partnership.

Couples’ counseling can help with:

  • Re-establishing trust and respect
  • Understanding the roots of and resolving conflict
  • Changing maladaptive patterns
  • Learning healthier and more open communication skills
  • Better asserting each partners’ wants and needs
  • Repairing old wounds and hurts
  • Changing the way you express anger
  • Learning how to give feedback and share concerns
  • Buffering the negative effects of stress responses

Some typical presenting concerns addressed include:

  • Infidelity/ betrayal
  • Divorce/separation
  • Sexual Issues
  • Differences in parenting styles/blended families
  • Financial strain
  • Job/career challenges
  • Addiction
  • Trouble with extended family/in-laws
  • Developmental role transitions