Welcome to My Practice

believe that the foundation of a helpful and healing Psychotherapy relationship is finding someone you believe that you can connect with and whom you feel “gets you”.  Finding the right fit for you is the crucial first step towards feeling the hope and relief that comes from taking control of your emotional well-being.  I work in a proactive, collaborative, flexible and transparent way. I provide honest feedback and insightful challenges.

Together we can begin your journey towards compassionate self-understanding, more fulfilling relationships, healthier coping skills and more satisfying experiences. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with yourself or your relationships and ready to consider how Psychotherapy might help you live a more meaningful, authentic and fulfilled existence, please call or email me for a consultation appointment.  I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

In addition to Psychotherapy, I provide life-coaching sessions which focus on specific, measurable, appealing, realistic and timely goals.  Furthermore, I address the motivational issues and fears that can be obstacles to achieving successful outcomes.  Providing a source of accountability is another important component of a coaching relationship. You can count on me to work with you on follow-through once you begin working toward achieving your goals.

I highly value mentoring new therapists and provide consultation and supervision for mental health professionals from all disciplines.

I have significant experience providing educational workshops to and consultations with the community.

I provide group/systems consultation with many kinds of teams, including: workplace, athletic, community organizations and groups struggling with interpersonal dynamics or developing a more productive work environment.